[Pharo-project] UIManager>>chooseFileName* flavour to get full path?

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Jun 26 09:57:07 EDT 2011

+1 about answering the full path; that should be the default.  Attached is (beware a Linux bias) a Pharo-specific recreation of Dolphin's File class.  One can readily quibble about the design, which puts file name manipulation methods on the class-side of File.  But, that's how Dolphin does it, and I have a lot of Dolphin code that needs a home on Linux, so I wasn't interested in purity - I just wanted the stuff to work :)  I had to change separators and lose drive letters, but it has overall worked fairly well.

FWIW (mostly to Dolphin users), I added #path to DirectoryEntry (it answers self fullName), for compatibility with Dolphin's WIN32_FIND_DATA; then DirectoryEntry takes over - or so it seems looking at my code.


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I was wondering why

UITheme>>chooseFileNameIn: title: patterns: path: preview:


UITheme>>chooseFileNameIn: title: extensions: path: preview:


fd := FileDialogWindow basicNew
        previewType: preview;
        title: title;

And actually there is no variant using answerPathName what is a bit more useful because it answers the entire path to the selected file...

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