[Pharo-project] TimeProfileBrowser DNU in PharoOneClick 1.3

Alain_Rastoul alr.dev at free.fr
Fri Jun 24 15:20:14 EDT 2011


In latest oneclick 1.3 (Latest update: #13269) TimeProfileBrowser seems to 
be broken.
To test try:
TimeProfileBrowser onBlock: [ 35 benchFib]

it gives a TimeProfileBrowser DNU allInstVarNames each time you click on a 
line (and of course it does not display the code pane).
After digging a bit I found that it ends up in
TimeProfileBrowser >> setClassAndSelectorsIn:
  ^ Smalltalk tools messageSet
      parse: etc etc

If I define the messageSet method in ToolRegistry everything seems to be 

ToolRegistry messageSet

I can report a bug if needed for traceability



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