[Pharo-project] Fwd: [Seaside] Comparison of Aida/Web, Seaside and Iliad web frameworks

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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Referring to the thread on the Seaside list, the objections over some bias in the original comparison are well taken.  One thing I was hoping to see was a rebuttal showing how easy it is to authenticate users; I have hacked such things into systems, but I would really like to see turn key (or nearly so) ways to have app-specific ("home grown"), LDAP, and Shibboleth based authentication/authorization.  One can always dream :)   As powerful as Seaside is overall, it **appears** to be lacking in this area - or maybe I simply have more to learn.

Re the condensed comparision graphic, "one window" is both a strength and a weakness.  While I have never particularly enjoyed using it, VW certainly has its points.


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This was posted on the Seaside mailing list, I think it is both funny and hitting several points.

I am not sure about the last item though ;-)


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