[Pharo-project] [Tiling Window Manager ] could not load it

Bernardo Ezequiel Contreras vonbecmann at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 11:53:14 EDT 2011

i could not load TWM on pharo unstable core.(see below)
what am i doing wrong? any idea?


Pharo image: Pharo1.3#13272
Virtual machine used: Croquet Closure Cog VM [CoInterpreter
Platform Name: unix
Class browser used (if applicable): Browser

Steps to reproduce:
#. Gofer it squeaksource: 'TilingWindowManager';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager';
#.ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager load.
#. Actual Result
This package depends on the following classes:
You must resolve these dependencies before you will be able
 to load these definitions:
OBCodeBrowser classSide>>pathworkUIThemeColor
#. Expected Result
to load it successfully
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