[Pharo-project] roadmap for 1.4

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun Jun 19 03:27:04 EDT 2011

this is why I want to have a distribution repository and one click load of what we want.
Now in addition we need to have the powerful tools inside the system (core) because we should be able to use the best tools to manage the changes.


>> Hi,
>> I think that the best idea is to have one image for the system
>> developers and end-users (for example, I almost never used full Pharo so
>> it lost one tester). On the other hand we should continue with the
>> modularization to allow to generate headless kernel image, gopher image,
>> basic morphic image etc. on the request with bootstrapping. To have
>> smallest possible image is not the main goal of the effort around
>> PharoKernel. The main goal is to have beauty modular system where all
>> dependencies all described well and packages can be easily loaded and
>> unloaded. The buildserver can generate all the set of images for special
>> purposes so it will be more natural then now when we have two main images.
> +1
> Me too - I never use full Pharo. I build the image I want from Core. If there were a suitable special purpose image built as outlined above, then that image would be my new starting point. If not, then I guess I would have to start from whatever Core+Dev image results from the process, and then unload stuff (or, if it isn't too big, use it as is).

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