[Pharo-project] TWM and Keymapping

laurent laffont laurent.laffont at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 02:24:30 EDT 2011

Hi Guillermo,

Now TWM works with ConfigurationOfKeymapping 1.8.

Gofer it
squeaksource: 'TilingWindowManager';
 package: 'ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager';
 ConfigurationOfTilingWindowManager loadDevelopment.

Something I want to fix: if an editor has the focus, TWM shortcuts don't

I've tried:

TilingTWMSettings class>>buildKeyMappingSettingsOn: aBuilder
         {PasteUpMorph. SystemWindow. TextEditor. SmalltalkEditor}
do: [:aClass| aBuilder attachShortcutCategory: #twmShortcut to: aClass ].

but no success .....

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