[Pharo-project] merging images?

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Jun 12 11:07:08 EDT 2011


A partial reply: for images, it is "easy" - not sure about icons.  I often write code to annotate images; #getCanvas is the starting point.  From there, you can draw pretty much whatever you want on an ordinary Form instance.  The form can be loaded from a file or created to size and splattered with subsets of images loaded from disk, etc.

I have long been under the impression that icons are somehow different, having size (not a big deal), transparency (more trouble?) and ultimately storage and file format  requirements (not sure).

It would indeed be nice to be able to easily manipulate icons in the image.  It appears that some among us know how to do it :)


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I wonder if there is a way to merge two Form objects into a new one?
I'm trying to add "status" to some icons, something like "filter active" an icon with a mark, "filter inactive", another mark.
Of course, I can create two different icons, but I thought "it would be nice to have this as a general functionality" :)


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