[Pharo-project] merging images?

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 10 09:24:05 EDT 2011

Many ways...
If you're not concerned with all being in one form you
could use a CompositeFillStyle made up of ImageFillStyles for each layer.

(Morph new
 fillStyle: (CompositeFillStyle fillStyles: {
  ImageFillStyle form: UITheme current infoIcon.
  (ImageFillStyle form: UITheme current smallWarningIcon)
   origin: 32 @ 32}))
 extent: 48 at 48;


form := UITheme current infoIcon deepCopy.
form getCanvas
 translucentImage: UITheme current smallWarningIcon at: 32 @ 32.
Display getCanvas
 translucentImage: form at: 50 at 40

Regards, Gary

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Subject: [Pharo-project] merging images?

I wonder if there is a way to merge two Form objects into a new one?
I'm trying to add "status" to some icons, something like "filter active" an 
icon with a mark, "filter inactive", another mark.
Of course, I can create two different icons, but I thought "it would be nice 
to have this as a general functionality" :)


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