[Pharo-project] Report generation? (I need an update)

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Jun 8 15:12:05 EDT 2011


I created the "libharu" binding since to me this was
the only way to get a PDF out of Pharo without a
dependency on other "to be installed software" environment.

In a seaside app you may have control over the server
and install jasperreports/FOP/Ghostscript/...
and configure until it all works together.

But for a rich client app I wanted to be more independent,
a simple DLL and some FFI calls and you are ready to go.
Makes it more easy to distribute the app.

Unfortunately (compared to JasperReports where you have
a template editor) the libharu is very, very low level
so you have to do most stuff manually (text, line breaks, 
images, paint tables, ...) or you write a simple reporting 
engine yourself.

For simple documents it is enough ... for more you should 
really have a look at engines where you can define
printed material visually (like in Jasper report builder).

Side notes: 
 - SPDF was nice since Smalltalk only, but not free AFAIK
 - yes, Christian Haider wanted to open source his
   VW based PDF framework - maybe you contact him
   to check/do a Pharo port

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