[Pharo-project] [squeak-dev] Re: usability of Pharo and Squeak

Andreas Wacknitz a.wacknitz at gmx.de
Fri Jun 3 14:49:57 EDT 2011

Am 02.06.2011 um 19:07 schrieb Dale Henrichs:

> Andreas,
> You are not alone. I too suffer from tooManyWindowsItis ... I am also doing something about it:)
> The project is in it's very early stages ... I'm drawing on kraft paper with fat crayons ... but I am encouraged by the results so far. The system is called tODE "the Object (centric) Development Environment" and is written in Seaside, so it is javascript/web browser based. I am developing the system in Pharo, but it is targeted as the next generation development environment for GLASS.
> I've enclosed a screenshot ... the system uses a single tab in the web-browser, but provides it's own www-style navigation through the Smalltalk object-space (so it is a browser inside of a browser) ... each of the tODE tabs is a view on an object and each object is wrapped by a TOObjectFrame that holds onto the tODE-specific state ... links take you to other objects ... you type Smalltalk-expressions in the input area at the top (and in the workspace tab)... I'm not a javascript guy (which is where the fat crayons come into play:)...You can inspect stacks in a "debugger", I've started work on the Metacello tab....etc.
> With only one window, you never have to open/close another window!:) and with infinite history (at the bottom) you never lose the ability to go back to a previous object ...
> The framework is very small: 21 classes in the TOOBject hierarchy and another 20 support classes, but being built on top of Seaside, it can't be called "light weight". It is designed to be easily customizable and extensible through the use of pragmas ...
> I have just started using the system for development (you got to eat your own dog food), but often have to fall back into Pharo, so the system is really not ready for folks to play with ... yet... I need to solve the debugger issues before I can feel comfortable with letting folks play with it:) 
> Finally, while tODE is written on top of Seaside, I don't think that I'm leveraging Seaside for much more than rendering and javascript generation, which means that tODE could be adapted to other GUI frameworks ...I imagine ...
> Dale
Hi Dale,

I hope you will be successful. I don't like programming web interfaces because I am still not convinced that they are superior to traditional GUI's.
Especially I don't like the mix of HMTL, JavaScript and CSS, even if you can replace HTML by Smalltalk with Seaside.
And I also need to be convinced that Seaside is really such a big thing. I haven't seen advanced GUI's in Seaside yet.
The examples I have seen in the Seaside book and the Seaside site are all simplistic.
Maybe tODE will change my mind :D


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