[Pharo-project] Happy message from Stef :)

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Jun 1 12:31:24 EDT 2011

Hi guys 

I was starting to look at Keymapping, then my mind went wandering and I want to share my feeling with you. I'm really happy because we are a cool community
and it starts to work quite well. When I see what we have done

	- new paragraph
	- settings
	- better widget
	- better handing of headless mode
	- better announcement
	- hudson
	- better tools
	- new network

what we have in the pipe
	- new compiler
	- soon new files
	- new key binding
	- metacello distribution
	- quality rules
	- VM build and regression
	- new canvas
	- new tools
	- new code meta model 

I'm quite sure that I'm forgetting a lot of items.
What I want to say that I'm dreaming about a system that a lot of people would be jealous of. I do not want that for me 
but for us. I want to reinvent the idea and the spirit I loved in/about Smalltalk. 
recently I contacted Ward Cunningham that I never meet but he told me something that really touched 
"Stéphane -- I see your name often and associate it with the sort of innovation that attracted me to smalltalk so many years ago."
YES!!! YES!!! let us make it real and fun but fun for real in 2011.

Thanks for all the energy you gave me.


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