[Pharo-project] Hudson now Jenkins

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Mon Jan 31 09:08:38 EST 2011

On Jan 31, 2011, at 3:04 PM, Geert Claes wrote:

> Since we are using Hudson I was wondering if anyone has been following
> Hudson's issues with Oracle at all?
> This is how I understand it; the creator of Hudson (Kohsuke Kawaguchi) and
> founder of infradna.com (which has now joined forces with Cloudbees -
> offering Hudson support) has had some disagreements with Oracle mainly
> regarding the ownership of the "Hudson" name.  The Hudson community has
> recently voted for the project to be renamed to Jenkins, so hudson-labs.org
> is now jenkins-ci.org
> ps. I actually started looking at Hudson because I was baffled at the fact
> that the success icon is "blue" rather than a more intuitive "green" and
> hey, there is a plugin for that:
> http://wiki.hudson-ci.org/display/HUDSON/Green+Balls
Yes, but sadly the installed version of hudson is too old for this plugin.
(yes, we need to update. I will ask again)


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