[Pharo-project] About FileSystem (probably not for 1.3)

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 03:59:07 EST 2011

On 26 January 2011 21:45, Stéphane Ducasse <stephane.ducasse at inria.fr> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I was checking the state of FileSystem and we cannot push it into pharo like that!
> Sad but we should not put code where not a single method has a comment.
> So instead of crying and bashing colin, I started a while ago to understand (great pain)
> and write comments probably wrong, of course. Now I did several iterations but not enough.
> So I will read the blog entries of lukas and try to continue.

> http://www.lukas-renggli.ch/blog/filesystem
> Now if you want pharo to evolve, then this is clearly a place to help. We should get better class comments,
> and all the methods with a comment. Else FileSystem will not get integrated. I will veto it.

Is it incomplete , or it just not well documented? I understand that
new things require documentation because people won't know how to use
but what about functionality?

> Colin lost all the changes he did after ESUG so we will have to live with that (for example
> FSPath not being a class for public consumption and others).
> Stef

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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