[Pharo-project] Gofer issue

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 16:52:47 EST 2011

>> Following the coventions your name is 'Igor' and the package is on the
>> branch 'Stasenko'. Gofer proritizes the main branch.
> how about retrieving the latest version regardless of branch?
> Can you provide an example how to tell Gofer to load it?

There is no such thing as the latest version in Monticello, unless you
download all versions and compare the timestamps.

> okay, i doing:
> Gofer new
>        url: 'http://squeaksource.com/VMMaker';
>        package: 'VMMaker-oscog';
>          resolved
>  an Array(a GoferResolvedReference name: 'VMMaker-oscog-Igor.Stasenko.47')
> hmm.. that doesn't looks right, isnt? Because as you said,
> following the coventions author's name is 'Igor' and the package is on the
>  branch 'Stasenko'

Obviously you must have 'VMMaker-oscog-Igor.Stasenko.47' in your package cache.

For me I get 'VMMaker-oscog-Igor.Stasenko.43', because there are only
two versions of the package 'VMMaker-oscog' in
<http://squeaksource.com/VMMaker>: 'VMMaker-oscog-Igor.Stasenko.43'
and 'VMMaker-oscog-Igor.Stasenko.38'. Looks as expected.


Lukas Renggli

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