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Cyrille Delaunay cy.delaunay at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 05:24:54 EST 2011

Currently I am working on integrate RPackage in pharo, and having it working
in parallel of PackageInfo.
What RPackage is already able to do (or at least until you find something
wrong;)) is:
- synchronize and initialize with the current MCPackages in the system
- update itself when changes are made in the system (new category, new
class, new method, ... ).

Now I was wondering if there would be something to pay attention to with
Monticello. Maybe when saving or importing packages to/from a repository? I
don't know how monticello work, but after looking quickly, that's some
thoughts I had:

1) => *Saving from the image to a repository: *How monticello know if the
package we want to saved is extended by other classes? is there currently a
link between Monticello and Package Info to do that?
2) => *import from a repository into the image: *How do we manage to install
the extension in the right package ?

For the point 1) :

MCPackageManager seems to directly listen to the system events (see
MCPackageManager class >> reregisterForNotificationsWith:), in a parallel
direction than RPackage (with its announcements system). So I guess
Monticello update itself all its packages and check itself when a protocol
is added to know if it's an extension. Therefore there would be nothing to
worry when replacing PackageInfo by RPackage

For the point 2) :

When monticello will import the code, it will create classes, create methods
in some protocols (that can be extensions or not), using the system
interface. Then, Normally each modification will raise the corresponding
event, for which RPackage is listening to (throught the announcement
system). Therefore RPackage will update itself and there would be still
nothing to worry.

For now the only link to make I see, is when creating or deleting a
MCPackage: we have to do the same with the RPackages. This is currently done
in RPackage, by listening to MC changes (look at RPackageOrganizer >>
update:). PackageInfo is directly updated in the MC code instead of
listening to changes.

So I wonder if there is some big  parts I totally forgot ? and In general if
you have something in mind that should be done for RPackage?

2010/12/6 <csrabak at bol.com.br>

> I think this small thread is an excellent example of the need we have to
> implement simpler practice:
> When we announce a package or project, it would nice if the first
> paragraph[s] could be a short description of what it's all about!
> We could even open another thread and agree upon a format for it, and look,
> we could even have the same text in some specific attribute in the package
> which could be collected, selected, etc.!!
> --
> Cesar Rabak
> Em 06/12/2010 07:08, Tudor Girba < tudor.girba at gmail.com > escreveu:
> Good work, Cyrille!
> For people that might not know what RPackage is, this project aims to
> replace PackageInfo with a faster and cleaner implementation. At the moment,
> all categories are mapped one-to-one and in the end, we would like to remove
> class categories altogether.
> This infrastructure is also targeted to code browsers.
> Doru
> On 6 Dec 2010, at 09:58, Cyrille Delaunay wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Recently I made some improvements about RPackage. What I mainly did, is
> to implement the 'SystemAnnounncements listening', to update the organizer
> when the system change. With that  I implemented a set of tests that should
> all be green now (in RPackageMCSynchronisationTest (I should change the
> name)).
> >
> > You can load RPackage by evaluating:
> >
> > Gofer new
> >       squeaksource: 'PharoInbox';
> >       package: 'ConfigurationOfRPackage';
> >       load.
> > (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfRPackage) perform: #loadDefault.
> >
> > (I think it should work, but squeaksource is down for now, so I was not
> able to test it).
> >
> > In those tests I started to write some about traits, but after few, I
> realized that the events emitted when a trait change are the same that the
> one used for classes ?
> > Then if you have some ideas about what is still missing in RPackage, tell
> me, I can add it to my task list :)
> --
> www.tudorgirba.com
> "The coherence of a trip is given by the clearness of the goal."
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