[Pharo-project] ZeroMQ, Mongrel2...

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at netcetera.ch
Tue Jan 11 13:30:50 EST 2011

On 01/11/2011 05:24 PM, Geoffroy Couprie wrote:
> Hello,
> What would you think of a ZeroMQ frontend to Pharo? I was playing with
> ZeroMQ, and more specifically the Mongrel2 web server, and I thought
> that would be cool to use it, but the only reference of ZeroMQ and
> Smalltalk I saw was about some code from Thomas Gagné, which is not
> available anymore.
> Anyhow, would you be interested in a port to Pharo? It looks like the
> protocol is not really hard to implement.

There is no protocol, you wrap a C library.

What's suboptimal from a Seaside point of view is that Mongrel2 assumes
handlers are stateless which Seaside is not.


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