[Pharo-project] Polymorph changes

Gary Chambers gazzaguru2 at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 30 08:29:08 EDT 2011

Before I forget...
A few changes to Polymorph and fixes for a few other packages attached.

AlphaImageMorph supports #scaledAspect layout option (scales the image to fit whilst retaining aspect ratio)
    also class side accessor to set DefaultImage (I use the Pharo logo, appears in #exampleOtherControls)
DialogItemsChooserUI centering rounded to avoid layout anomalies
EditorFindReplaceDialogWindow initialized to position within usable area of display so not obscured by docks etc.
GeneralScrollPane minWidth/minHeight when shrinkWrapping to target
LazyListMorph mouse down row indication fixed
PluggableListMorph fix for startDragExtended: mouse focus and wrapItem (when wrapSelector takes 0 args)
ScrollPane will ignore mouse wheel iv not vertically scrollable (allows owners to handle)
SystemWindow basicActivate no longer passivates old top window if no longer in world
UITheme expander color no longer set to white by default
    nil labels for label groups now allow the associated control to fill whole width

Also I've noticed that in latest updates, corner rounding no longer functions (affects scrollbars etc. in Watery 2 theme).

Regards, Gary
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