[Pharo-project] Some bugs

Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 08:25:38 EDT 2011

I think for the debugger, we all live with the bugs. I mean, we (I)
unfortunately made the situation worse with the introduction of the
closures around 1.0/1.1 and it has never been fixed. It is hard to fix
too, this stuff is not simple.  I contacted a few people quietly maybe
a year ago to see if we all lived with it, because a few times i
posted about the debugger and there was not a lot of response.  I
wondered if no one *actually* programmed in pharo. but no, we become
masters of interpreting the debugger highlight...

What can we do-
1) I have contacted Eliot (again). Historically he said it was fixed
(or better) in teleplace images but I need him to send us any patches.
He has also been helpful and highlighted the areas that need work like
the decompiler and how we could write some tests to protect against
unintended change

2) I have checked a recent Squeak, and it is bust there too.

3) I am writing some test cases. So that we can regression test the
debugger highlighting, and building an analyser class (@esug) to make
it easier to dig into the debugger.

4) carefully check Squeak class versions for merging changes into
Pharo. this is not easy.

5) We have to rebuild the debugger model based on the new compiler /
decompiler machinery. (This is a long term Pharo goal)

I am just chipping away at the analysis, and i will share my code when
i have something on the tracker.

Also would be great in a separate thread if someone could explain to
me the simulation guard primitive. i.e you can not step over process
creation, but you can halt after it e.g.


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