[Pharo-project] XML package is barking at load time

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at free.fr
Sun Oct 31 05:55:29 EDT 2010

Gofer new 
		squeaksource:  'XMLSupport'; 
		package:  'XML-Parser'; load.

raise error because of tests not present.

Did I do something wrong?

Then why the configuration load pastell?

why this is squeakCommon? Does it work if this is in pharo?

Why do we load SIXX in gemstone?

This configuration looks like a mess. Can somebody fix that.
	core should load the parser
	sixx may be sixx
	pastell should load core and pastell


version105: spec
	<version: '1.0.5' imports: #('1.0.5-baseline' )>

	spec for: #'common' do: [
		spec blessing: #stable.
		spec author: 'Alexandre Bergel'.
		spec timestamp: '10/5/2010 14:06'.

	spec for: #'squeakCommon' do: [
			package: 'XML-Parser' with: 'XML-Parser-AlexandreBergel.93';
			package: 'Pastell' with: 'Pastell-Alexandre_Bergel.18'.].

	spec for: #'gemstone' do: [
		spec project: 'Grease Core' with: '1.0-rc'.
			package: 'XML-Parser' with: 'XML-Parser.g-DaleHenrichs.93';
			package: 'SIXX' with: 'SIXX-NorbertHartl.171'.].


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