[Pharo-project] Thoughts on Monticello/GIT?

Johan Fabry jfabry at dcc.uchile.cl
Fri Oct 29 09:51:38 EDT 2010

I like the idea to be able to use more traditional/well-known SCM, however we may be opening another can of worms here: CVS versus SVN versus GIT. In the end, if I would choose the above route, I would go with a tool I am familiar with, in my case SVN. I think the same would hold for other people, so in the end we may end up needing to support multiple tools. That's obviously not such a good idea ... 

On 29 Oct 2010, at 10:21, Geert Claes wrote:

> A feedback post on the ESUG list from the GSoC somehow turned into an idea
> sandpit.  I would like to test the water about one of the ideas to get a
> feeling about what people thoughts are regarding Pharo/GIT?  Some groundwork
> has already been done via the gitocello (I like the name) project.

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