[Pharo-project] Sharing a image between several computers

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Fri Oct 29 04:14:16 EDT 2010

On 28.10.2010, at 23:39, Oscar E A Callau wrote:

> Hi all,
>       I've been programming in Smalltalk/Pharo for a time, and it is really nice (I love it). Usually, I work with several images at my work and home. I share those images using dropbox. However it is not practical, if your images size are 100+ MB (because dropbox is synchronizing each time that you save). 
> So I was wondering If you use a more practical software to share your images between several computers.
If you just need to carry your working image around with you an usb stick is the easiest I think. If you do it like this you should build it new from time to time. This way you see unintentional side effects you produced and that will keep you from succesful deploy your stuff elsewhere.
In my case it is different. I'm developing in pharo and deploying on gemstone so no chance to copy an image. But I also feel the need to move things around. What I need to move is two things: Code and data. For moving code I use metacello. With a single line the server is updated to the new code. That is very comfortable. But then there is data accumulated on the server I like to have in my deployment image. For this you can use SIXX to file out your data object graph and read it in in your development image. 

hope this helps,


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