[Pharo-project] About 1.2 beta

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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It would be nice to tackle 2476 (ConnectionQueue) and 1057 (named serial ports).  I have what might be better called improvements than fixes.  For 1057, the comments suggest that I might be fairly far off, having dealt only with getting the code to work.  The way the vm (Linux at least) is designed, I don't see an elegant solution.  I would have expected that opening a named port would produce a descriptor and that reads and writes would be initiated using the latter, but the vm holds onto that, so one passes port number/name to every call; if anything, it "thinks" in terms of names.


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Hi guys

We would like to go beta for the end of the week or beginning/end of next week.
It would gives us one month or two to produce 1.2.
So we could have 1.2 for the beginning of the year.
We could start 1.3 unstable around end of Nov.
What do you think?


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