[Pharo-project] About Adding/modifying in SUnit or not?

Niko Schwarz niko.schwarz at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 25 09:51:13 EDT 2010

Yea, well, it depends on whether we want to be compatible with camp
smalltalk's SUnit, as maintained by Niall Ross:
http://sunit.sourceforge.net/devel.htm. Pharo already is using
extensions, such as the possibility to mark tests as expected failures
at all (that is impossible in standard SUnit).

My humble opinion is that we must control our testing environment, and
we already have an excellent cleanup of SUnit, namely akuhn/SUnit,
http://www.squeaksource.com/akuhn.html. And we have progress in the
form of Phexample, which builds ontop of SUnit.
. I'd be more than happy if Pharo took a new SUnit as its standard
testing framework, and I'd even be thrilled if enough people found
Phexample useful enough, so that it could become standard over time.


2010/10/25 Luc Fabresse <luc.fabresse at gmail.com>:
> Hi all,
>  I am working on pushing environments in SystemNavigation.
>  SystemNavigationTest previously used ClassFactoryForTestCase from SUnit for
> generating  classes.
>  Now I need an environment-aware ClassFactoryForTestCase.
>  Should I directly modify ClassFactoryForTestCase since a class generator
> should now be environment aware?
>  Should I subclass ClassFactoryForTestCase and put it in SUnit?
>  Should I never changed SUnit and put it elsewhere? ;-)
> #Luc
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