[Pharo-project] Implementing a Timer: "newProcessWith: anArray" fails

nullPointer epicfan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 18 07:55:42 EDT 2010

Now works :|


	internalProcess := [ self pvtCallProcess: self] fork.


	^[:timer || intervalDelay |
		[timer enabled] whileTrue:[
			(Delay forMilliseconds: timer interval) wait. 

			timer enabled ifTrue:[
				timer raiseOnElapsedTimeForProcessThread: (timer getProcess).
				WorldState addDeferredUIMessage:[ 
					timer raiseOnElapsedTimeForUIThread: (timer getProcess) 

pvtCallProcess: oneParam

	| processBlock |
	processBlock := self pvtGetNewProcessBlock.
	processBlock value: oneParam.

Anyway I understand than the other way must be go. Something I did bad.

Many thanks for the help

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