[Pharo-project] Speeding up Pharo 1.1

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sat Oct 16 12:57:48 EDT 2010

Are those negative numbers in the Squeak stats?

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I can feel this slugginess too, and we should fix that for good.

A clue: in Squeak trunk, here are the VM stats:
uptime                  0h7m59s
memory                  59,647,648 bytes
        old                     48,744,032 bytes (81.7%)
        young           545,352 bytes (0.9%)
        used            49,289,384 bytes (82.6%)
        free            10,358,264 bytes (17.4%)
GCs                             288 (1665ms between GCs)
        full                    0 totalling 0ms (0.0% uptime)
        incr            288 totalling 486ms (0.0% uptime), avg 2.0ms
        tenures         15 (avg 19 GCs/tenure)
Since last view -7,895
        uptime          71.2s
        full                    -15 totalling -1,576ms (-2.0% uptime), avg 105.0ms
        incr            -7880 totalling -1,952ms (-3.0% uptime), avg
        tenures         -548 (avg 14 GCs/tenure)

In Pharo:
uptime                  0h6m48s
memory                  29,690,612 bytes
        old                     25,210,060 bytes (84.9%)
        young           252,096 bytes (0.8%)
        used            25,462,156 bytes (85.80000000000001%)
        free            4,228,456 bytes (14.200000000000001%)
GCs                             4,969 (82ms between GCs)
        full                    3 totalling 834ms (0.2% uptime), avg 278.0ms
        incr            4966 totalling 6,280ms (1.5% uptime), avg 1.3ms
        tenures         75 (avg 66 GCs/tenure)
Since last view 4,777 (85ms between GCs)
        uptime          404.5s
        full                    1 totalling -285ms (-0.1% uptime), avg -285.0ms
        incr            4776 totalling 6,088ms (1.5% uptime), avg 1.3ms
        tenures         75 (avg 63 GCs/tenure)

A GC every 82ms, 20x+ more GC than trunk... Something is going wrong.
Could it be object creation at each event or something like that?


2010/10/16 Sven Van Caekenberghe <sven at beta9.be>:
> Bart,
> On 16 Oct 2010, at 13:48, Bart Veenstra wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I have been working with Pharo for almost a month now, and I suspect
>> that the performance is degrading fast. UI tasks takes several seconds
>> to react to my keyboard.
>> At work we use VAST and I have experience with VW as well and those
>> smalltaks react to my keyboard and mouse actions instantly. But Pharo
>> works very sluggish.
>> My image is about 130MB because I have loaded all dutch postcode in
>> memory, but that should not affect the performance of general
>> operations like typing with the keyboard. I am not a fast typer, but
>> sometimes it takes seconds to show my keyboard input. I can't use the
>> down key to select the right method from suggestions, because it seems
>> to lockup completely.
>> Are there ways to speedup Pharo? I would love to use cogVM but I
>> haven't got gemtools working on it...
>> Will upgrading to 1.1.1 fix these issues?
>> Is my OS (Windows 7-64bit) causing these issues?
>> Regards,
>> Bart
> I am just guessing here, but I would suspect the slowdown to be related to completion/syntax coloring issues.
> You could try a pharo core image or one of lukas's builds (take development or seaside from http://hudson.lukas-renggli.ch/).
> In a large/old image, there could be lots of issues, of course.
> HTH,
> Sven
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