[Pharo-project] Speeding up Pharo 1.1

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My image is 40 MB right now.  That means you have about 100 MB of data?  How do you store it?  How many objects are there?  Are they of fixed size?  If so, you might try a quick experiment using a String or ByteArray wrapped with something that knows how to find a given code.  You might be putting a pretty good load on the GC and using a blob to hold the data might help.  I'm not sure where we are with respect to having a generational GC that would tenure and shrug off old objects.

IIRC, Alan Kay reported having a 160 MB Squeak image for demos, but that was many versions ago, so I hesitate to draw any comparisons.  If you can find or get a copy of it, it might be interesting to open it in current VM to see how it performs.

Syntax highlighting is a possible offender, though I would not expect delays like you are describing.  Do you by chance access the image over a remote desktop connection?  Do you notice the problem with only certain methods?

What do you see in Tools|Process Browser?  If you have a large number or processes running, it might explain a lot.


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On 16 Oct 2010, at 13:48, Bart Veenstra wrote:

> Hi list,
> I have been working with Pharo for almost a month now, and I suspect
> that the performance is degrading fast. UI tasks takes several seconds
> to react to my keyboard.
> At work we use VAST and I have experience with VW as well and those
> smalltaks react to my keyboard and mouse actions instantly. But Pharo
> works very sluggish.
> My image is about 130MB because I have loaded all dutch postcode in
> memory, but that should not affect the performance of general
> operations like typing with the keyboard. I am not a fast typer, but
> sometimes it takes seconds to show my keyboard input. I can't use the
> down key to select the right method from suggestions, because it seems
> to lockup completely.
> Are there ways to speedup Pharo? I would love to use cogVM but I
> haven't got gemtools working on it...
> Will upgrading to 1.1.1 fix these issues?
> Is my OS (Windows 7-64bit) causing these issues?
> Regards,
> Bart

I am just guessing here, but I would suspect the slowdown to be related to completion/syntax coloring issues.
You could try a pharo core image or one of lukas's builds (take development or seaside from http://hudson.lukas-renggli.ch/).
In a large/old image, there could be lots of issues, of course.



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