[Pharo-project] Exception handling and cull: [ Xtreams port to Squeak - second wave ]

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 17:19:48 EDT 2010

2010/10/11  <mkobetic at gmail.com>:
> "Sven Van Caekenberghe"<sven at beta9.be> wrote:
>> I tried to follow your different releases in Pharo 1.1.1, right now I have 433 tests, 3 failures (#testReadWriteLargeAmount), 11 errors (#..base64 and #..multipleBufferSize). If will send you the report.
>> I have been trying some of the examples from the doc pages (google code project), this simple one still fails:
>> ((1 to: 10) reading collecting: [:x | x * x]) rest
> Ah, that's because of the use of #cull: like semantics with exception handlers in some places, mostly
>        ... on: Incomplete do: #count.
> We can certainly replace all those with regular block style.

I see, #handleSignal: just calls valueWithPossibleArgument: instead of #cull...
I don't well see the interest of adding arguments to #on:do: handler,
since they would all be filled with nils...
IMO, this is because we didn't have #cull: previously, so we used an
existsing more powerfull version.

To me, it should be self to just send #cull:


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