[Pharo-project] Another finalization concern: error handling

Levente Uzonyi leves at elte.hu
Mon Oct 11 11:03:59 EDT 2010

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Igor Stasenko wrote:

> On 11 October 2010 17:24, Levente Uzonyi <leves at elte.hu> wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Schwab,Wilhelm K wrote:
>> Levente,
>> A similar discussion arose around Dolphin's event (#trigger*) mechanism.
>>  My recollection is that it was not fully addressed due to performance
>> concerns.  Forking and error handlers both have their costs.  I'm not saying
>> we should necessarily follow (we probably should not), though with careful
>> design, an interrupted chain of events might survive to be handled on a
>> subsequent attempt.
>> I am far more worried about having multiple executors per object (when did
>> p=malloc();free(p);free(p);free(p) become good style?) than I am about
>> getting the finalizer process itself completely robust at this point.
> Smalltalk is not C. Try this:
> | file |
> file := StandardFileStream fileNamed: 'foo.txt'.
> file close.
> file primClose: (file instVarNamed: #fileID).
> "Those pesky plugins save us all the time. ;)"

Don't let me starting again on this.
You proposing to care about it in multiple various places, where we
could fix it in a single one.
It is like adding ifNotNil: test at each place you using setter,
instead of putting a single ifNotNil: test inside a setter itself.

try this:

coll := OrderedCollection new.
obj := Object new.
wrapper := WeakArray with: obj.
coll add: wrapper.

obj toFinalizeSend: #remove: to: coll with: wrapper.
obj toFinalizeSend: #remove: to: coll with: wrapper.
obj toFinalizeSend: #remove: to: coll with: wrapper.
obj toFinalizeSend: #remove: to: coll with: wrapper.

obj := nil.
Smalltalk garbageCollect.

The above works silently only because ObjectFinalizer simply swallows
any errors:

 	"Finalize the resource associated with the receiver. This message
should only be sent during the finalization process. There is NO
garantuee that the resource associated with the receiver hasn't been
free'd before so take care that you don't run into trouble - this all
may happen with interrupt priority."
 	[self value] on: Error do:[:ex| ex return].

now, replace this implementation with just
self value
and you'll see what will happen.

Such behavior is completely unacceptable in terms of finding the bugs
& problems in your code.

Interrupting the finalization process is also a bad idea, so we need a 
better solution.


Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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