[Pharo-project] readonly status conflict with reading

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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FWIW, the biggest problem I see with this is returning nil rather than raising an exception.  With that omission corrected, there are various ways I could envision it working, probably centered on failing to open a writable stream, but if one asks for a read-only stream, there would be no need for an error.  I don't too much care what the rules are, so long as the system enforces them consistently and tells me when I violate them.

Attached is a partial view of what I have been doing as I find such things in my way.  The goals are to provide entry points that my existing code expects and to (a path, not a destination) never fail silently.


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Hi john

When I set on mac a file to readonly, I get nil when I do
FileStream named: 'foo.txt'


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