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morod morod at tiscali.it
Fri Oct 8 15:57:32 EDT 2010

Hi Mariano


I tried it with multiple images and the behavior is the same with all the


Sent the sample is made with:


Latest update: #11411


The first one  is my image and the second is taken from the book “Pharo by


Thanks again




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Hi morod, and welcome to Pharo!

Which Pharo image are you exactly using?  (the name of the zip, the image
file or go to System -> About)   The first one  is your image, right ?   and
the second one? where is it from ?

The difference is that the first image is using the "old" traditional
inspector, while the second picture is using another inspector, which is
called "NewInspector", which provides more information. 



2010/10/8 morod <morod at tiscali.it>


i’m new to smalltalk and Pharo and my inspector show 



instead of


Why? Thanks


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