[Pharo-project] Cmd-t in OB?

Miguel Cobá miguel.coba at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 11:15:38 EDT 2010

El vie, 08-10-2010 a las 09:56 -0400, Alexandre Bergel escribió:
> >   ConfigurationOfOmnibrowser project load@*%$LatestCode
> better in my opinion: ConfigurationOfOmnibrowser loadLastVersion
> As a metathough, I think we need a unification of how Configuration are defined and used.
> We have loadDefault in Moose. I often do a ConfigurationOfXX project lastVersion load. You can directly load the baseline. I know this has been discussed many times. But we really need to come up with a simple and efficient way to use configuration. 
> I would also like to have ConfigurationOfXX forEachVersionsLoadAndDo: [:v | ... ], versionsSelect: [:v | ... ], ...
> Alexandre

There is a long thread in the metacello mailing list where those topics
are being discussed and Dale is right now working in the new code to
support them. So if you want to be heard please propose those guidelines
there so they are taken in account.


Miguel Cobá

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