[Pharo-project] Seaside and KomHttpServer in Pharo 1.2

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Fri Oct 8 09:47:59 EDT 2010

>What do you do to test your newly converted Seaside apps?  Have you >automated it, or is just a matter of trying everything yourself?

Since the app itself is in it's current state not very usefull
there are no tests as you may expect to test the app itself
(beside a few unit tests)

Mainly I test if it is possible to load the whole stuff using
  - seaside in its current version
  - external webbrowser/ffi
  - the jquerywidgtbox project

on the recent Pharo version and then see if it is possible to:

 - start and open the app in the browser directly from the image 
   (=> FFI and external browser are working)
 - have it started as a seaside root
   (=> if something is displayed)
 - click around

Mostly this is enough to see if something is badly broken.

So yes, currently it is more a manual test and more oriented
towards if Metacello configs fit together.

For instance yesterday in Pharo 1.2 the WebBrowser class was deleted
and therefore the whole bootstrap process was broken
since MetaSource was not loadable via configuration
(see the discussion on the pharo list)

My idea is to have a simple web app that demonstrates how
one can setup various pieces (seaside, jqeurywidgets, metacello, ...)
and that is simply installable by a small gofer script.


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