[Pharo-project] [squeak-dev] Cog+NativeBoost Linux32 binaries available

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 06:26:22 EDT 2010

On 7 October 2010 11:36, Fernando olivero <fernando.olivero at usi.ch> wrote:
>>>>> Also, the missing class is NBGLCurveRenderer, which i moved to
>>>>> NBOpenGL-Rome package.
>>>>> I did a snapshot of it. But it depends on RomeCanvas class(es) , which
>>>>> is part of Athens..
>>>>> But just ignore that for now and load it. For demo, you need only
>>>>> NBGLCurveRenderer which not rely on any Rome-specific stuff.
>>> Just for curiosity, why this dependance on Rome? To end up providing a Canvas were all the rendering is performed by OpenGL and you text rendering class ?
>> A NBGLCurveRenderer is actually an experiment, which should be a part
>> of something bigger (read Rome).
>> So, that's why i moved it there, breaking demo :)
> The demo works just fine now!
>> I plan to implement an OpenGL backend for canvas, which implements
>> Rome protocol.
>> And then implement Morphic which using rome-canvas for rendering..
>> And then implement brand-new zoomable UI in it..
>> (i have a big plans)... :)
> I was hoping you did!
> Questions:
> 1.Once you have a NBOpenGLRomeCanvas , how do you plan to implement the zoomable UI? On which layer of abstraction? (Canvas or  Morphic ?)
> Is there going to be a "camera" abstraction? ( just like Lumiere ) or who will know  its current z transformation?

first i want to implement morphic rendering pipeline which will use
Rome canvas, instead of Canvas.

Next, i want to replace PasteUpMorph (World) with own subclass, which
will actually control the camera, zoom level etc.
So, it will be a global desktop-level zoom&translation. A submorphs
will be not aware of it.
In this way, its a less work and less changes to existing Morphic (i hope).

And of course, i want a clear separate layer (Rome canvas) which can
be used by any other UI/graphics framework.

> 2. Regarding Text, will you reuse Paragraph and Editor already present in the system, or use an external library like Pango?
>  I was looking at the True Type font rendering demo, and everything seems pretty much into place, and now the "paragraph" layer must be implemented.

Initially, i will just do the simplest possible thing. Reuse what
morpic provides.
Text/paragraph rendering is a separate and very complex problem. Of
course it would be cool to do things right,
but not at initial iteration :)

> How can i help? (Eventually...)

Anything you want. If you want something to be there, don't hesitate
and dont wait for me - start coding :)
My projects are public, they are open for contributions from anyone.

Also, it would be cool to sync with Juan and his work on Morphic 3.
I'd like to provide a GL backend for Morphic 3.

But its unclear to me, what plans Juans having about it. Recently he
said that he won't make any public releases.
But i really hope that we could work together on it, because such
ambitious projects need more than a single man
in order to complete.

> Fernando
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