[Pharo-project] FFI with 15+ args and Smallapack in Pharo

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Wed Oct 6 18:56:10 EDT 2010

So, even if Bill did not help me a lot, and even if it does not help
him neither, I finally did it.
you can now test FFI calls with many arguments in latest Pharo 1.2 12172
The package is at

This also give anybody a chance to load Smallapack packages - if
interested in debugging at machine code level ;)


Name: Compiler-nicePharo12.245
Author: nice
Time: 7 October 2010, 12:39:29 am
UUID: 9f3a6b0f-f25f-4510-b373-4dc99f39f3f6
Ancestors: Compiler-MarcusDenker.244

A version of Compiler with support for methods with many arguments
including external FFI calls - For inclusion in Pharo 1.2

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