[Pharo-project] Newbie question: Connection to SQLite DB

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Wed Oct 6 18:45:59 EDT 2010

I'm not sure I follow your concern.  The Win32 examples will certainly fail on other than Win32.  I am not even certain if they are currently expected to work on Windows (not simply a dig at its flakiness - it might have changed enough to break something).  It looks like one is expected to click a mouse button to terminate the example.  Are you matching 32 and 64 bit OS and image/vm?  What error do you get?  Posting a debug log of it might help.

Especially early in Metacello's life, I had big problems with: (1) discovering how to use a given configuration; (2) some configurations were loading things that one might not necessarily want.  An example of the latter was ConfiurationOfCitezen, which at one point loaded Seaside; it now does what one would want, leaving it to the user to load the desired version of Seaside.  You just prompted me to look at Migrate's various #load* methods, which reveals a few decisions that are no doubt incorrect or at least overly presumptuous.  I would pass along the once common advice of "just search the web" but that turns up a very dangerous mix of current and dated links.  Make sure you are using the configuration correctly.

Sorry if I am missing your point.

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Well, I first install Sqlite project; I add ConfigurationOfSQLite3 to image.

       (ConfigurationOfSQLite3 project version: '1.1') load.

That seems load Sqlite3 classes and dependences too, FFI included. But if I
try execute one example of FFI I get an error. For example:

       Win32Window win32Draw

Now I´m using Windows7 but fails me too Mac Snow Leopard OS...

I´m very lost on that subject...


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