[Pharo-project] Tests broken with Citezen

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FWIW, I use Citezen but not Pier etc.  I need a good BibTeX parser (which you provide) to parse incoming entries (typically originating from Google Scholar).  I then add fields for my own comments (which get edited as I work) and a URL to full text and save the result to intermediate storage.  To limit the scope of damage and because it does no harm otherwise, I store each BibTeX entry in a separate file and, on demand, glue them together into a largely unreadable mess (bibtex does fine with it) that I put adjacent to the offending manuscript as a .bib file.

The way most journals of interest to me release full text articles, the workflow is awful.  To not go afoul of copyright law, I store the articles out of public view (and not merely by obscurity).  Worse than that, I have to make a local copy of the article and then upload it to the Seaside app, after which things start to work as I intended.  I would much prefer to give the Seaside app a URL to the article, but things don't work that way.  It's clunky, but the result is very useful to me.

In short, Citezen is useful by itself, and you have at least one such user.  The biggest problem I have had to date was that ConfigurationOfCitezen originally loaded Seaside,which was prematurely forcing 3.0 on me; the current configuration works great.  I suspect I won't even notice the change to FileSystem.

Thanks for a good tool!!


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On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 14:53, Alexandre Bergel <alexandre at bergel.eu> wrote:
> There is no implementor of #fieldKeysToRemove

yes, probably a missing constant method.
I should also remove the dependency to Rio and use Filesystem instead,
but my next preoccupation is to get the scripting/validation to work.
You're free to hack on the Pier stuff.

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