[Pharo-project] Two fonts questions

Henrik Sperre Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Tue Oct 5 16:05:00 EDT 2010

  On 05.10.2010 21:32, nullPointer wrote:
> First: Exists a "correct" way for register a font in Pharo Image? Now I drag
> and drop a font in World, and then that font is choosable, but the visual
> quality is little bit poor, blured. I ´m using MACOSX
When dragging and dropping, you are actually importing a TTCFont instance.
This is rendered using balloon canvas, which (IIRC) does b-w shape 
inclusion when painting glyph shapes to a morph, then applies basic 
Which means it will be a bit poor and blurred for small font sizes, 
where glyph shape widths are usually < 1 pixel wide.

The "correct" way to do it, is in the World menu going to 
System->settings, then in the settings browser appearance->standard 
fonts->Update fonts from system.
The fonts found in default locations on the machine (as well as found in 
a Fonts subfolder, see 1.0) will then be added to your choices.
The fonts you get this way is rendered using the external 
Freetype-library, which usually leads to somewhat higher quality. (at 
the cost of being slower)
If no new fonts show up, it means your VM does not include a (working) 
Freetype plugin, however all of the recommended ones on the Pharo 
website do.

For examples of importing a font of the same quality as Bitmap DejaVu, 
which is stored internally in the image and can be used across 
platforms, search the list for Juan Vuletich's description of how he 
does it.
> Second. With the new font added I go to Settings for change the default font
> of list, buttons etc But I can´t select a size between 9 and 12 points;
> that´s normal?
> Thanks for the help and patience.
Yes, that's normal.
The sizes created when using the DropHandler can be found and modified 
in TTCFont class >> #fontSizes.


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