[Pharo-project] Pool dictionaries = 'private'?

Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
Sun Oct 3 22:58:35 EDT 2010

I'm having a tough time with a pool dictionary that works in 1.1; there are underscores in the variable names, and 1.1.1 appears to be chopping them up somehow.

I recalled having to activate _/:= to get SIXXX loaded, so I quickly tried to file in the offending pool dictionary with the setting disabled, and it worked.  The SIXX sar is old, so I am assuming it still contains underscore assignments, and hacked the preference at the right time to (hopefully) allow things to load.

OSProcess Command Shell still warns about MVC; it's a drag, because it happens several minutes into my build process :(

I'm getting a lot of resistance about something anObsoletePresenter, presumably a reference to a class called Presenter that I added to pacify some Dolphin code, and has slowly taken on a life of its own.  There are clearly potenial problems with packages that create hassles on load, and there should be a way to detect them before saving if at all possible.  Telling me about it on load is not nearly as much help as would be telling me, prior to saving, that something is wrong, at a time when I can fix it.


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This was probably done by SIF as I brought the code over from Dolphin, but just in case, have any of you ever seen 'private' added for Pool dictionaries?  I didn't see it until saving my packages failed; I am pretty sure the code is the first I have ported that used a pool, and that this is the first time I had tried to save it from Pharo.

After replacing private with the intended pool name, it appears to be ok.  I'll know more when I try to load it.


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