[Pharo-project] XMLRPC Project - Progress Report

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Sun Oct 3 12:52:31 EDT 2010


On 03 Oct 2010, at 17:41, Germán Arduino wrote:

> As usual, any comment, suggestion or criticism is more than welcome.

Well, you could consider using the Zinc HTTP Components framework.

XMLRPCProxy>>#sendXmlRpc: is using the ugly HTTPSocket interface.

Using any of the clients in Zn will give you a semantically much richer interface to headers and content (entities), both for requests and for responses. And you get many features on top.

I haven't looked at the server side, but there too you can get HTTP functionality for free.

It will add a dependency though, but I would guess you have one for the server side already, no ?

Anyway, we're looking for users...


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