[Pharo-project] Chilean mailing list

Alexandre Bergel alexandre at bergel.eu
Fri Oct 1 16:32:53 EDT 2010

> We've just create a mailing list for discussing about Pharo/Smalltalk in Chile.
>        pharo-chile at googlegroups.com
>        http://groups.google.com/group/pharo-chile
> Does it make sense ?  I ask because maybe with clubSmalltalk (in Spanish) is enough.....

Yes it makes sense because most of the members list are from the University of Chile. This means that people know each other. The effect will be different with ClubSmalltalk. 

Moreover, during my lectures and presentations I talk much more about "Pharo" than "Smalltalk". 

Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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