[Pharo-project] NativeBoost and Cog. A working protype.

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 03:29:31 EDT 2010


2010/10/1 Schwab,Wilhelm K <bschwab at anest.ufl.edu>

> I'm pointing out that "do it all in Smalltalk" has limits, both in syntax
> (C++ is generally a better formula translator than Smalltalk; Smalltalk is
> better at expressing just about anything else)

 I have many complex math stuff implemented in smalltalk and C in
university. And my experience that no matter C or smalltalk you use for
formula (equation) programming. In any case it will be not math formula like
on paper. And readability will be bad. Debugging is bad because of complex
calculations and diffirences in math formula and program language analogue.
Just see fast fourier transformation. Equations is not so complex. But
programme implementation...

Ideally programming math formula or equation should not exists for user. You
just put native math formula presentation to system and get results.

Maybe similar solution exists?
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