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Schwab,Wilhelm K bschwab at anest.ufl.edu
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My initial reaction to 1.1's approaching release was "where are the callbacks/aliens?"  Sig appears to be offering some competition to Alien.  If he/we can provide a comprehensive and convenient way to make calls, do callbacks, additionally put calls onto other OS threads, and do all of this on the three major platforms, then it could easily turn out the best option for external interfacing.

I am happy to see us take time to get it right.  My only concern would be that we not fall into a pattern of leaving out the difficult things that we set out to accomplish with a given release.  Since 1.1 is approaching releasable form and FFI/Alien/NB is unclear at present, a release makes sense.

Short answer: sure, whatever you say :)


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Hi guys

we were discussing how we can handle 1.1 and the flux of good changes.
Here is the proposal:
        we take two or three weeks to let people try their code in 1.1 beta
        we integrate fixes that are important or easy
        then we wait one week
        then we launch 1.1 rc and 1.2 unstable

does this plan look ok for you?
The key point is that we want to avoid to have a pile of changes pending because they can rot easily.

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