[Pharo-project] How to deal with issue 1594

Gabriel Cotelli g.cotelli at gmail.com
Tue May 25 01:00:56 EDT 2010

During the sprint in baires we write some tests to detect the senders of =
nil to be replaced with isNil as the issue suggest.

We now need to do a rewrite of this methods (this could be done using the
refactoring engine as lukas proposed in the issue). However if I do this
rewrite on the Dev image I will change code not only in Pharo Core but also
in some external packages. Is it the intended scope of the issue?.

I think that first we need to do the rewrite on Pharo Core code.
And let every package maintainer to decide if he wants to do it or not. Of
course for the community maintained packages we can make that decision too.

In the future I think would be good to have some kind of "Pharo Coding
Practices" (or the name we want) that can be automatically tested. As a
community we can discuss this practices and provide some automatic way to
ensure that.

As soon as posible I will create a Slice with the changes in Pharo Core and
post it to the inbox (sorry if it takes me some days but here where are
celebrating the argentinean bicentennial so i don't have too much free time
this days :) ).

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