[Pharo-project] ConfigurationOfExternalWebBrowser working in Squeak and Pharo trunk

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sun May 16 11:18:13 EDT 2010

if this is based on applescript you get the answer :)


On May 16, 2010, at 2:48 PM, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> Sean P. DeNigris a écrit :
>>> What is an external web browser?
>>> What are its goals?
>> It's an alternative to Scamper.  It forwards urls to the underlying OS's
>> browser e.g. on my mac, it opens the URL in a new Safari window.
>> And how to we use the code in this package?
>> "ExternalWebBrowser openOnUrl: 'www.squeak.org'"
> Is it portable to different OS? Does it use a VM plugin?
> Hilaire
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