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Dale Henrichs dale.henrichs at gemstone.com
Thu May 6 16:18:23 EDT 2010

I've replied to question 1) in the Squeak-dev list (http://forum.world.st/Metacello-questions-tt2132073.html#a2133038), but will finish/continue the discussion on the Metacello list (http://forum.world.st/Fwd-Metacello-questions-tt2132927.html#a2132927)...

----- "Andreas.Raab" <andreas.raab at gmail.com> wrote:

| [forwarded from Squeak-dev]
| Hi -
| I've been trying to wet my feet with Metacello a little by writing a
| ConfigurationOfWebClient and in the process I've come across various
| things that I don't understand or don't know how to express. The
| configuration itself can be found here:
| 	http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository
| Here are the questions I'm having:
| 1) #includes: vs. #requires:
| What is the difference between #includes: and #requires:? They sound
| entirely interchangeable, in particular after reading the tutorial
| which
| states:
| 	"When you use the #includes: directive, you are not only specifying
| that the listed packages should be loaded when the parent package is
| loaded, but that the #included: packages should be loaded _before_
| any
| packages that require the parent package."
| I would expect that precise behavior for required packages, i.e., if
| Foo
| requires: Bar then Bar is loaded before Foo if some other package
| requires: Foo. What am I missing?
| 2) Why is HelpSystem not loaded?
| In my configuration, baseline specifies that HelpSystem is required
| for
| WebClient-Help:
| 		"Documentation doesn't require Core/Tests, but HelpSystem"
| 		spec package: 'WebClient-Help' with:[spec requires: 'HelpSystem'].
| 		spec project: 'HelpSystem' with:[
| 			spec
| 				className: 'ConfigurationOfHelpSystem';
| 				repository: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/MetacelloRepository'
| 		].
| However, when executed, Metacello goes through the motions but
| doesn't
| actually *load* any version of HelpSystem (I can see it 'fetch' the
| packages but not load them). It even calls the postLoadDoIt on it
| (which
| fails since nothing was loaded). What am I doing wrong?
| 3) When exactly is HelpSystem loaded?
| What I'm wondering about in the above is that HelpSystem should only
| be
| loaded if WebClient-Help is being loaded. Is this implicitly part of
| specifying a 'project' instead of a 'package'? Or is there some other
| way of specifying that?
| I guess really the question here is what entities get loaded
| implicitly
| simply by declaring them (packages for sure, any others?) and what
| entities need to be 'required' in order to be loaded?
| 4) How does one define dependencies that differ based on platform?
| In WebClient, the WebClient-HTTP package requires WebClient-Core and
| -only for: #pharo- also WebClient-Pharo. How does one express that
| there's an additional dependency for WebClient-HTTP that only exists
| for: #pharo? The config currently specifies:
| 	spec for: #common do:[
| 		" ... "
| 		spec package: 'WebClient-HTTP' with:[spec requires:
| 'WebClient-Core'].
| 		" ... "
| 	].
| 	spec for: #pharo do:[
| 		"Just the fact it exists; no requirements here"
| 		spec package: 'WebClient-Pharo'.
| 	].
| Which means that WebClient-Pharo will be loaded on Pharo by default
| but
| it's missing the fact that WebClient-Pharo is in fact a requirement
| for
| WebClient-HTTP (but only on that platform). How is that best
| expressed?
| 5) Bootstrapping Metacello?
| I found that most of the ConfigurationsOfXXX include some code to
| 'bootstrap' Metacello in some form. There appear to be variants on
| the
| code; is there a "canonical bootstrap method" that should be used?
| 6) A standard Configuration template?
| The Metacello tutorial is very useful as far as the configuration
| goes
| but it falls short of getting into the details of what it means to
| provide a 'working' configuration. Testing the configuration isn't
| covered (is there a way to get back to a 'clean' state?);
| bootstrapping
| isn't covered; the meaning of #isMetacelloConfig,
| #metacelloVesion:loads:, #lastMetacelloVersionLoad and several other
| -seemingly random- methods that can be found on most -but not all- of
| the configurations. There is no indication on what these do, if
| they're
| required, recommended, or optional. Is there some 'standard'
| Configuration template that people can use to avoid guessing about
| which
| parts of the boilerplate to copy from some other configuration?
| That's it for now. Thanks for any insights on any of these issues.
| Cheers,
|    - Andreas

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