[Pharo-project] [GSoC] Idea: Pharo/Squeak integration with git/mercurial.

George Herolyants george.herolyants at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 13:51:36 EST 2010

Hi, Mariano.

2010/3/11 Mariano Martinez Peck <marianopeck at gmail.com>:
> Would be cool to see what other think. Now...do this make sense if we
> already have SqueakSVN ?  which this new project would be better than
> SqueakSVN or why isn't it worth to continue with SqueakSVN instead of start
> from scratch ?

There's some points. First, Git and Mercurial become more and more
popular, especially in the open source world.
Second, they are distributed which is important aspect, especially
again for the open source.
I tried SqueakSVN and it also requires some work. Less than this
project, of course. But I think some parts of the SqueakSVN can be
reused. SVN is client-server SCM so it can't compete with Monticello
which is highly distributed.
Competition is good, and more choice is better. I even think that
developing them in parallel can help each of them and Monticello too.

And I'm generally interested in distributed solutions, while svn isn't
one of them.

Also, Git/Mercurial suit better to replace changes/sources again
because of their distributed nature.

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