[Pharo-project] Pharo help (was About danny help :)

Danny Chan chan_dhf at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 6 03:01:22 EST 2010

Hi Torsten!

I am the first to acknowledge that this is your project. And I am also the first 
one to admit that my code is not great, being a beginner with Smalltalk in the 
first place, not being a software developer secondly (I develop optical systems 
in my day job), and playing with software only in my spare time (which will be 
certainly much less in the future, because I just got a brand new daughter). 
So please see my contributions more as sketches of the functionality that 
might be nice to have in a help system, rather than a real implementation. I 
am completely happy if people get a rough idea of what might be desireable, 
and then throw away the whole mess I've made and do it right! So please, scrap 
the stuff and implement it cleanly, because only by seeing what you are doing 
with the code I am learning.

Cheers, Danny

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