[Pharo-project] SketchMorph removal

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Wed Mar 3 14:41:23 EST 2010


I removed SketchMorph and adapted ImageMorph to be invoked instead.
Now sketchMorph has ColorPickerMorph as a subclass so since I did not get the time 
to understand how we can substitute ColorChooserMorph here is what I did: 
I fileout sketchmoroh from another image, renamed it with emacs with a funky name 
and fileout ColorPickerMorph and made sure to use this new superclass.
In the process I added some example in comment to ColorChooserMorph.

Now it would be good if one of you could have a look at the slice I published in the inbox.
alain yes we got rid of it :)



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