[Pharo-project] Worth reading discussion on Smalltalk vs SmalltalkImage

Henrik Johansen henrik.s.johansen at veloxit.no
Wed Mar 3 07:28:34 EST 2010

Den 03.03.2010 10:36, skrev Stéphane Ducasse:
> Browser vs SystemNavigation and much more such as abstraction (traits kind of mistakes) for the sake of it.
> I was thinking that I would love to have a message-oriented solution.
> One of these days 1.2 we will have to clean Smalltalk, SmalltalkImage current.
> The mail is long but worth to get some ideas that you may like or not.
> Stef
I have to say I support what to me seemed like the general consensus on
this, that the separation just didn't go far enough to make it worth it :)
I especially like the
Smalltalk vm parameterAt:
Smalltalk query allCallsOn:
protocol, sure you add a globals category to SystemDictionary, but to me
the resulting code looks much better than both the current state of 
SmalltalkImage vmParameterAt: and SystemNavigation current allCallsOn:
(or were those class methods?), and the old where SystemDictionary was a
complete mess.

The important thing if this becomes the solution, is deciding what goes
where, (in a consistent fashion across forks), as well as the level of
backwards-compatibility packages should be offered/deprecation methods
kept in the image.


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