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John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Sun Feb 21 03:51:41 EST 2010

Nathan, you did manage to respond to me, and the entire Pharo list. So let me publicly answer your question about the "can't write to changes file"

When the iphone VM startups up it checks to see if an image exists in the Application's (read/write) Document directory. If so it uses it. 

If not it checks a  iSqueak VM setting to see if it should copy the image/changes from the read-only Application resource directory into the 
read/write Documents directory and makes a symbolic link for the *.sources file if one exists. 

If you choose not to have a read/writable image in the Document's folder then we open the Image in the Application's read-only resource directory. 

Now the image runs off to decide if it can find a changes file and a sources file.   If so it finds them in the read-only resources directory, then the smalltalk 
code then attempts to write to the changes. This triggers an error. 

Now if the Squeak/Pharo Preference for warning if there is no changes or source file is set, then you get the message. 
Otherwise it silently notes the fact it can't write to the changes file and opens it read-only (well or something like that). 

Thus when you deploy the image in production or as read-only without or without a changes file you need to examine the settings of your Preferences
to avoid messages you don't care to see. 

On 2010-02-20, at 7:53 PM, Nathan Tuttle wrote:

> I can spend a little time on it. I am actually a little hazy about how the mechanics of iPhone development/deployment with squeak work as every time I deploy something I get the squeak world with a
> "can't write to changes" message. But if your willing to suffer the mercy of a newbie smalltalker with the merits of a good programmer and tester; I'm your man.

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